Culinary Medicine

The food we eat can either contribute to good health or make us sick, depending on our choices. Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine said " Let food be they medicine, and medicine thy food." We have a very sick nation, with heart disease and cancer leading causes of death. These diseases, and many others, are preventable and potentially reversible with a healthy diet which is based on vegetables, grain, legumes/beans, and fruits. With her training in Plant-based Nutrition and Culinary Medicine, Dr. Tallio has a passion for helping patients make healtier food choices that taste good and are satisfying.

Dr. Tallio has drastically changed her diet over the past several years and now eats a Whole Food, Plant-Based diet with no added oil. To encourage others, she has joined the grassroots movement PlantPure Nation. She started a support group called Plant Medicine Mindful Medicine to educate and support people seeking to transition to a plant-based diet.

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